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06.29: I'm baaaaacckk

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Mikey's REALLY Relevant Thot for the Day:
"If you're not living life on the edge, you're just taking up space!"

A lot has happened since my last Funnies email on 5.14 about my lay-off at Youth Specialties. I thought I'd give you a short update. (In case you didn't receive that message, you can read it here:) http://www.mikeysfunnies.com/farewell.html

First, the Funnies will return later this week!

Yes, your life will once again have meaning! The sun will shine once more.
Problems will disappear.
[Ha. If it was only that easy, huh?]

Not much will change from the old days. It'll look and act about the same...thanks to Gospelcom.net, which graciously agreed to host the Mikey's Funnies site and list. (They also hosted it through Youth Specialties.) There's not much to the site yet, and probably won't be for a while. But you can sub and unsub there.

After my announcement last month, some subscribers said I should charge a nominal fee to subscribe. While I appreciate you guys looking out for me, I'd really rather not do that. I like that this is a free resource for church leaders and anyone else. But there is a good chance I may accept advertising to help offset my costs. I'll keep you posted on that.

While we're essentially with the same host, there is bound to be some tech glitches here and there. I appreciate your patience in this transition. If you experience any problems, please let me know. (You don't need to let me know if there aren't any problems.)

Now an update on my non-Funnies life:

Through a series of events, I was convinced to start my own business. I NEVER in my life thought I would do this. But I'm learning more and more that God is full of surprises, mystery, and adventure.

And that's the journey I'm on now.

I'm telling folks that I have an equal measure of excitement and dread. It's a scary thing to not get a regular paycheck. Yet I'm excited about helping many organizations with their Internet initiatives. And many friends who have their own businesses have given me invaluable advice, along with others who have helped in so many ways, including Youth Specialties. I SO appreciate all these fine folks.

I've had the name Uneek Net for years as a sort of side biz (although way undeveloped). So I'll stay with that name for the new company. And I've landed on this statement as my mission:

Helping ministries do the Internet right

That's really where my heart is these days - to help parachurches and churches maximize their ministry and presence in the Internet world.

I'm still working on the startup aspects of the business and the Web site, while talking to potential clients and writing requested proposals.

I've also been hired for a half-time, 5-month position with Promise Keepers, the leading ministry to men in the US. They've just started their tour of 2-day events and will be coming to San Diego in October. I'll be their event manager here, working with church leaders and the media. This blessing will ease a bit of the financial pressures while trying to get my business going.

I attended the Promise Keepers event in Dallas this last weekend, and it was exceptional! Very powerful stuff. (And I'm not easily impressed - AND I'm not saying this cuz I work for them now.) I HIGHLY recommend it for guys from 13 or so on up. Here's a list of the cities they're coming to:


Through this process over the last month and a half, I've also realized that I didn't get laid off at YS, I was launched. Yeah, it's semantics, but it's an important realization that I'm able to assemble the skills, contacts, and experience from over 20 years in ministry and business and do what I love to do.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
(I told Stacy (my wife) that if life was based on quantity of prayer, we'd be millionaires!)



Mikey's Other Thot for the Day:
Let wonder replace worry.


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