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I just wanted to say thank you. One for your daily email. I so enjoy reading your Funnies. Secondly thank you for the heads up on the book GOD'S BLOG. I ordered 20 or so books and gave them away and the response from family and friends has been wonderful. Thank you for letting us know about the book.
- Nancy

I so look forward to your "clean smile" I get each morning when answering email. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry, and sometimes I cry so hard, I laugh.
- Adam Wiegand, Associate Pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Just a note to say thanks for putting this list together and sending it out. It really brightens my day and reminds me to not take things so seriously all the time. And they make great illustrations!!!
- Pastor Pete

I am ever amazed that you have the ability to make me laugh one day and cry the next, yet always make me see life from a slightly different perspective. I really appreciate your funnies as well as your more serious ones. I utilize them in message illustrations as well as just passing them on to friends. God has given you an awesome ministry. I love devotions...I appreciate God's word in my daily life...but with all the heaviness in this world...a little humor goes a long way. Blessings on you and your family and your ministry of laughter. Laughter doeth good like a medicine. Keep the healing coming.
- Pastor Jodi Hill,Christian Ministries Evangelistic Association, Fargo, ND

My husband is a part-time youth minister & school teacher & I am a stay at home mom. We really enjoy your funnies & we too use them in our work at church. Our teens host a Valentine's Banquet every year for our 60 & above members. We have tried various forms of entertainment - game shows, music etc. but our "senior" members love the "stand up" comedy we get from Mikey's Funnies. We have even converted some into very funny skits! We appreciate what you do!
- Lori Reed, Franklin, TN

Through part of high school, all the way through college, and now into my professional life. You got me through many finals and papers, all with a smile. And when times were worst, "funny" that was not funny reminded me of why I am a Christian.
- Kate Morris, Marketing Manager, Legiant

Right before Thanksgiving you sent out a story about a woman who learned to be thankful for the thorns in her life. I read that story during my message to the teens/young adults during our youth evening worship service on 11/28 entitled "Being Thankful Even When You Are Not." That week many of my teens here went through more troubles than most adults go through their entire lives. After the service many people came to me and told me that the story really touched them and made them reflect on their own lives. Thank you for all the inspirations you email daily. They not just help me get through the long days, but encourage my teens as well.
- Christina Arnold, Glendale, CA

You are such a blessing in my life, and in others. You will never know the eternal blessings you have given. I am a young minister, trying to find churches to speak at, and at most of the ones God grants me a chance to speak at, your illustrations come out. Most of the time it is the only thing that keeps people awake!
- Teddy James Jr.

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