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"Having sponsored Mikey's Funnies for 10 days during the past five months, I'm totally sold on the value of this great opt-in email newsletter as a cost-effective marketing source for many different kinds of products. To date, we've tracked nearly $6 in sales for every $1 in sponsorship costs. Of course, some products have done better than others, but overall this list has performed exceptionally well for a previously untested marketing medium. Additionally, it has helped us expose a whole new group of people (almost 30,000 subscribers) to our targeted line of NavPress Periodicals' products available at www.praymag.com and www.discipleshipjournal.com."
Dave Wilson, Director of Operations, NavPress Periodicals/Pray! Books

"As soon as my humorous Bible story book was released, I knew Mikey's Funnies would be the perfect audience for it. With just a couple of ads we got the word out to over 20,000 leaders who have a sense of humor. It was really easy, incredibly reasonable and with our direct link we were making sales the first day. Amazing! Thanks, Mikey for all your help, I'll definitely be back!"
- Sandy Silverthorne, Author, The Awesome Book of Bible Stories for Kids (Harvest House)

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