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The Rich Family In Church

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We got some great responses to Rosemarie's response to the Rich "Funny."

Some told of similar upbringings with little money, and how their family coped and overcame. Some responses were very thought-provoking -- thought I'd share some:

"Poor is not defined by finances neither is rich. Spirit is what counts. A very heart-filled thank you." Heather in Tasmania

"In this day of wars and rumors of wars, layoffs, evil deeds to fellow men, distrust, and discouragement everywhere, it is good to read a perspective like the one you just passed on. This is a person I would like. No wonder he/she has many friends." BRP

"When I first started to read the Thursday's Rich 'Funny,' I must admit I started to think 'here we go again. Another one of those over-forwarded stories that either make you feel guilty for not being more holy or tell some miraculous story followed by the comment that you should tell everyone about it otherwise you are some low-life who doesn't deserve to be a christian.' Thankfully this wasn't the case. The honesty of did touch me. I paused for a minute before deleting it, but did anyway. That was until I got Monday's reply. I am now stuck with a problem. Do I forward it to my friends? Will they 'get it'? I have seen this problem in myself and churches. We get fired up (sometimes by God) about an issue and gain new understanding of it, but when you try to tell others they just don't 'get it.' You end up feeling you have failed in some way by not conveying it in some way. The thing is, though, it is God who touches the heart, not us.
That's His job and He's good at it. So I will take it out of my trashcan and send it on. Who knows what God will do." Andy from the UK

"I get it; over the last two months I have been terribly broke only to find out how rich I really am. Thanks for sending that response on." Lydia

"Speaking of poor...My wife was so poor, their family tied a string around a raw oyster so they could take turns swallowing it. Not to be insensitive, but I just needed a laugh after reading that." Don

"Many times growing up I heard that we didn't have enough money. Even now as my wife and I struggle through wild swings in our bank account, I will not see us as poor. We have so much and yet don't realize it. I have never been poor in the sense of this story, but I have been poor in spirit only to be lifted up by my Lord Jesus." Brad

"I got it too & I've been there also:
Poor = Hopeless
Broke = Hope for tomorrow." Gerry

"Please know, I got it. Even though I am only 14, I have to agree with you... not poor, just broke. :) Thanks for brightening my day with a heartfelt message to us all. God Bless You..." Kyleigh

"The response you sent out this morning was wonderful. I work with a local organization that takes in homeless families and helps them get back on their feet. Most people refer to these families as 'poor' people (as a matter of fact I have done that very thing trying to explain the situation to my 5 year old) and the response you sent out this morning really hit me.
I will forward both to the director of that organization." Mindy

"My husband has a good job, we have a descent house and enough food. But I often feel I don't have enough. I need better. I think, 'Poor me, I can't have the new and latest whatever like everyone else.' I want to thank you for helping me to 'get real' and how very wealthy I am. I just pray that God can help me keep my eyes on what I have and to see the beauty of His provision, and that I will become blind to what I don't have. Michelle

"I've often found it odd that people respond to you, but I now find myself doing just that. Please let the writer know that I 'got it' and thank her for giving me this point of view so I can change my mental attitude. It is amazing that substituting one word can give the gift of hope to others."

"Broke is a temporary situation, poor is an identity. I refused to take on that identity. There are 3 ways to respond: 'I am a victim,' 'I am a survivor,' or 'I am an overcomer.' This is the same type of mentalities we take on in a financial situation: 'I am poor,' 'I get by,' or 'I am rich.' I prefer: 'I am a rich overcomer.' Yes, that is what we are in Christ." Jodi

"I wanted to let you know of an application of one of your funnies. The rich story and then the response were both incredibly powerful examples of the truth of Christian love.

"I am a pastor in a small southern town and from time to time, I get a request from the local funeral home to do a service for a family without a church. Today, I did such a funeral. Over the last couple of days, I have taken the opportunity to sit and listen to the stories about a woman I have never met. Her 7 children and other descendants sat and tried to share with me something about their mother and grandmother. As I listened to their stories, the above-mentioned 'Funnies' kept coming to mind. They seemed to fit the life of this woman who had started her life 67 years ago in an orphanage in Albany, NY and had raised her children across this country in the best way she could. She was not poor although she was broke many different times. In the end, listening to her family, she was a rich woman indeed.

"I read your two stories in the service this afternoon and left a couple with the family. It is my privilege to pass on their gratitude for the words that helped them celebrate the life of their mother." Roger

Thanks for sharing,

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